Our Vision system detects and recognizes individual faces, poses, objects and words. It can analyze images and videos in real-time or offline. Example applications: hotels, carparks, airports and streets


Alphabet Inc's 1 Google 2 said Tuesday 3 that it plans to work with China 4 's Huawei 5 over the next 90 days 6 , shortly after the U.S. 7 temporarily eased some trade restrictions on the world's second 8 -largest smartphone maker. The exemption allows Google 9 to send software updates to Huawei 10 phones which use its Android 11 operating system through to August 19 12 .
1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 11: Organization
3, 6, 12: Date
4, 7: Location
8: Ordinal
Our Conversation system delivers multimodal conversations, chatbots, entity and syntax analysis, natural language understanding features, content classification and sentiment analysis. It recognizes intents and extracts information about people, organizations, products, places, dates and time. It can analyze texts in real-time or offline. Example applications: social media, call center conversation and web chat